Man flying through the air



First Timers:
Here’s what to expect: You will learn the timing and the technique to get your legs on the bar and your hands off, as well as a back flip dismount into the net. There will be an introduction on the ground, then an I.FLY instructor will give a demonstration in the air. After that, we’ll get right to flying. In the second part of the class, if you’re ready, you will attempt a CATCH with an I.FLY instructor swinging simultaneously from the opposing trapeze. With no pressure and loads of encouragement and direction from I.FLY Staff, many will accomplish this in your first class!

Returning Flyers:
Great to have you back! There’s a whole series of tricks and positions that we can teach you. We will work with you to improve your current skills and guide you through new ones until flying becomes almost as simple as walking!